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I ended up with a 272 on Step 1 largely due to your amazing lecture series and textbook. All I have to say is thank you for doing what you do. I, and many of my classmates, will always appreciate the effort you put into making material interesting and simple enough to fully grasp.” (Tim, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, Class of 2016)


Pathoma is a tremendous resource in studying for USMLE Step 1 and preparing for third year clerkships. Dr. Sattar’s lectures cover all of the high-yield pathology points. He explains everything from a basic mechanistic approach which is critical because that is how the questions are tested, but more importantly it develops true understanding which is never forgotten. Pathoma is now the first topic I mention to underclassmen asking for advice. USMLE Step 1: 272 and Step 2: 286.” (Benjamin, Wayne State University, Class of 2013)


Dr. Sattar and Pathoma is by far going to be, if not already, the gold standard for Step 1 and Step 2. Having used Pathoma for both steps, I can 100% testify to the fact that the textbook along with the videos will increase your score by 5 points. I remember taking my test and seeing exactly what Dr. Sattar highlights in his videos as high yield. I breezed by so many questions and had extra time left by having a solid understanding of pathophysiology: USMLE Step 1: 263 and Step 2: 274.” (Ahmed, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2014)


I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for your thoughtful, succinct yet thorough teachings that definitely helped ace my MS2 courses and score 260+ on STEP this year. I actually used Pathoma to learn the pathology concepts first hand throughout the year, and it was a powerful, efficient tool for effectively organizing and comprehending the material. I personally think that your book did a much better job than First Aid on pathology and a number of other concepts; I heavily relied on Pathoma for reviewing for the boards, and I’m glad that I did. Thank you for helping lay down a strong foundation of knowledge that I’m sure will be of much help during my upcoming clinical years! I’ve been highly recommending Pathoma to all of my friends and colleagues, and I plan to continue doing so.” (Student, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Class of 2014)


Pathoma completely changed my medical school experience. After honoring a grand total of ZERO classes in the first two years of medical school, I used Pathoma as my primary study resource and scored a 256. I almost started laughing during the middle of my exam because I swear there was a stretch of at least ten questions in a row where I could recognize the specific line of the specific page of Pathoma that contained the answer nearly verbatim. Furthermore, the fundamentals I learned from Pathoma gave me a head start on the wards and played a huge role in allowing me to honor all of my third year rotations. Pathoma was the single most influential learning tool I have used in medical school and I am eternally grateful to Dr. Sattar and his staff!” (Zachary, George Washington School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I just wanted to say “thank you” for offering a great resource. I utilized the videos before lectures throughout MS2 and reviewed the textbook multiple times throughout the year which ultimately helped me score a 276 on USMLE Step 1. Interestingly, this is the one resource that really adds value to all of the other books and question banks that I used in my preparation because you learn how there is a narrative to each pathological finding in medicine.” (William, IUSM-South Bend)


I used Pathoma alongside each organ system block during the second year of medical school and again relied heavily on Pathoma during our dedicated study period. Dr. Sattar provides all of the basic ground work and makes the fundamental concepts understandable such that they can be applied to novel patient scenarios. Additionally, Pathoma relates high yield concepts in physiology and embryology with the key organ system pathology, and I therefore believe Pathoma is a MUST for any student aiming for USMLE Step 1 success! USMLE Step 1: 261.” (Anup, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, Class of 2018)


Pathoma is a truly amazing resource. I have used two other online Step 1 lecture resources (that I will not name), and they explain the material far less clearly and in five times the amount of time. The Pathoma text is also an invaluable resource for review, especially in combination with my notes. The pace and tone of the lectures are also perfect. Some other resources attempt to make their lectures “fun,” but they end up coming off as frenetic and sometimes silly. They certainly do nothing to calm the anxiety that students are feeling at this time. Pathoma’s lectures are informative and engaging without wasting time on silly jokes or gimmicks. The pace and level of detail of the information is perfect…You’re really providing a great resource for med students, making us better doctors, and improving the medical field.” (Rebecca, Albert Einstein Medical College)


Pathoma was single-handedly the reason I performed well on my Pathology NBME Mini-board exam (99th percentile) and USMLE Step 1 (259). Step 1 isn’t about learning facts and mundane details about pathology. It’s about understanding the fundamental principals of disease and applying them to a broad spectrum of clinical scenarios. Dr. Husain Sattar teaches you those principles and equips you with the concepts you need to attack questions that may look complex and challenging but are ultimately simple if you can boil it down to it’s essentials. Take it from someone who never performed exceedingly well on standardized exams – buy Pathoma! My only regret is that I didn’t purchase it earlier!” (Zubair, Marshall University School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


Pathoma was amazing during my second year of medical school to help simplify difficult topics and explain things in a different way. The simplified coagulation cascade is just one great example of this. Then, when I started my USMLE Step 1 study period, Pathoma really shined. There were multiple questions on my exam that I directly attribute knowing to Pathoma. Pathoma really served to complement studying other materials, and it didn’t feel like reviewing the same material over again. I had a goal of 250 and I hit it.” (Mario, OHSU, Class of 2015)


I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the hard work that you have done with Pathoma. I used Pathoma to study for my boards and I got a 267! Dr. Sattar, you have aided my understanding of pathology greatly; an understanding which I can use to care for my patients. I cannot thank you enough.” (Dustin, University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine)


Got my Step 1 score today: 261! Better than I could ever imagine, coming from a lifelong “average Joe” in terms of standardized test taking. I attribute my success primarily to your product and want to thank Dr. Sattar and everyone involved in making Pathoma as great as it is. Thanks!” (Blake, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, Class of 2019)


Being a foreign medical graduate, scoring a 265 on Step 1 was not easy. I am truly grateful to Dr. Sattar for his amazing Pathoma videos and notes that made Pathology the easiest subject for me on USMLE Step 1. The way he simplifies difficult concepts is simply impressive. I can say without reservation that Pathoma is the best pathology resource for Step 1. Dr. Sattar, I will remain your lifelong fan!” (Abdul Wahab, Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Medical and Dental College)


I just wanted to say thank you for producing the best Step 1 study resource ever! Not only am I very happy with my score, I feel like I have a real understanding of the material now that I can continue to build on for the rest of my career. When anyone asks me what materials I used to study I always tell them to get Pathoma. I feel like I’ve learned more from it than I did from the rest of my med school lectures combined!” (Emma, Emory University School of Medicine, Class of 2019)


Excellent source for not only pathology, but also physiology of disease. I spent a significant amount of time learning Pathoma backwards and forwards, and as a result scored in the top percentile within the pathology section on my boards (the material almost certainly also contributed to high scores in other sections as well). I have heard several say that Pathoma is comprable to Golgian pathology. While I do agree that both are excellent sources, Pathoma is a much more condensed study guide, and therefore seems more feasible to master and less intimidating to begin learning.” (Quinn, UABSOM, MS-3)


I will be clear. Without Pathoma I would have not passed Step 1 (Score 227, IMG, graduated more than 10 years ago” (Abraham, UNAN, Nic. 2003)


I so genuinely believe that Pathoma is 1 of 2 resources (the other being UWORLD Qbank) that allowed me to excel as a second year medical student at an allopathic school and on Step 1. I utilized the book and videos during my blocks, and in review for my STEP 1 exam. It was so easy to understand and follow that I would listen to it in the car and at the gym. I cannot begin to express how useful it was, and how many questions and concepts I encountered on my STEP 1 exam that I was able to understand and answer because of Dr. Sattar’s explanations. I know truly, that I have a better and more grounded pathology, and even immunology foundation because of Pathoma. I look forward to using it during 3rd year in order to refresh my knowledge and maintain the concepts I have learned.” (Ghamar, The Commonwealth Medical College)


Pathoma was probably the only way I passed the 2nd year of medical school and did well on boards. Dr. Sattar is an amazing teacher! To this day as a 3rd year medical student, I can hear his voice in my head explain the intricacies of various pathologies which gives me confidence during hospital rounds while being “pimped.” His method of teaching suits my learning needs perfectly, and I’ve often turned to his book for reference during rotations. Overall, he has a superb product that I would recommend for every 2nd year medical student to use alongside of classes to solidify classroom concepts.” (Aneesh, UVA School of Medicine – M3)


Pathoma is one of the best resources I used throughout my academic years in medical school and especially during Boards study. I heard Dr. Sattar’s voice during my USMLE and smiled, knowing that he was the sole reason I could recall so many of the answers! He simplifies complex pathology and gives great mnemonics that are easy to recall later on. Thank you for all the work you’ve done making Pathoma – it is truly invaluable!” (Preethy, MSU COM, Class 2016)


I just wanted to leave a testimonial for Dr. Sattar’s Fundamentals of Pathoma. This is single-highhandedly the best Pathology course and text available. I used it throughout the basic science portion of medical school and again while studying for Step 1. If my 262 score wasn’t testimonial enough, Pathology was my highest subject on my score breakdown.” (Josh, University of Virginia SOM, Class 2016)


Thank you all so much – unlike some other board review resources, Pathoma was not about memorization, but rather helped me UNDERSTAND how things work. I’m excited to take this knowledge into my clinical rotations.” (Kevin, Medical College of Wisconsin, Class of 2015)


I have gone through all of your Pathoma lectures and they are brilliant; you make everything look easy. I never understood pathology, but now I love the subject just because of you. You are truly an inspiration. I just took my Step 1 and scored 254, all thanks Dr. Sattar.” (Ahmad, Rawalpindi Medical College, Class of 2015)


This is the best written book in medicine. How rare for someone to think before writing and speaking, rather than simply dumping information on a page. Thank you Dr. Sattar for organizing the chaos of my second year.” (Vishnu, Touro Nevada, Class of 2019)


I absolutely love Pathoma and watch it before I go to school and to lectures because it breaks everything down to the most concentrated, highest yield form possible.” (Matt, RWJMS, Class of 2019)


It is a wonderful resource for STEP 1. Just got my score back and it exceeded my expectations – I’m confident it was largely due to Pathoma. Lectures are really well done and focus on not only testable, but also clinically relevant material. As someone interested in medical education, I think Pathoma is a fabulous model that will help us move toward a flipped classroom model. And Dr. Sattar does such an amazing job. So, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us in a palatable way!” (Harvard Medical School, Class 2016)


I just wanted to thank Dr. Sattar for creating Pathoma. Of all the money I have spent on my medical education, the per dollar value of Pathoma is unrivaled. Thank you for creating and sharing such an amazing product. I am currently preparing for STEP1 and there are times when I cannot imaging trying to learn a topic without Pathoma.” (Sean, University of Florida College of Medicine, Class 2016)


Your videos have been of immense help to me during my Step 1 review. I am currently waiting for my Step 1 results. Your style and method of teaching stands out amongst the conventional methods and the volume of content that can be fed to the brain in such short time helped me a lot, especially during the final days. Thank you sir. You are an amazing teacher. Keep doing the good work. Thank you again.” (Sasank, Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College)


I found the program very helpful. Many of the overview drawings on the whiteboard were very useful and made complex topics memorable.” (Ewen, University of New Mexico SOM, Class 2016)


Pathoma has without a doubt been one of the best resources I have had available throughout medical school. Dr. Sattar explains things in a way that not only makes them understandable, but teaches you how to think about and organize the seemingly endless amount of medical knowledge out there. I highly recommend pathoma to anyone who wants a sound foundation of the fundamentals to build upon as they advance through their medical careers.” (Sean, Medical University of South Carolina, Class 2014)


Thank you Dr. Sattar! I gave Step 1 a few months ago and can’t tell you how much Pathoma helped me! Along with Uworld questions, Pathoma was the thing to help me the most to achieve a good score! And now as I started studying for Step 2 CK (I’m an IMG), it’s amazing how things just make so much more sense because I know the pathology behind it! Please make a product for Step 2 CK as well!” (Iminder, Adesh Medical Institute India, Class of 2013)


Pathoma was AWESOME. It covered concepts that I saw verbatim on USMLE and COMLEX! It was a phenomenal review that allowed me to quickly review and assimilate all the information I’d covered over my first two years. It’s a MUST for anyone preparing for Step 1.” (Katie, WVSOM, Class of 2015)


Pathoma definitely took care of my Pathology needs for USMLE Step 1. I’m not so sure I would have done well enough as I did if I didn’t extend my test to have the opportunity to study with Pathoma. Thank you!” (Chuck, IMG)


Pathoma was the best study aid I used during the first two years of medical school. It helped me so much with my pathology class and especially helped on Step 1. Thank you for making pathology clear and understandable. Every medical student should take the Pathoma course.” (Casey, University of Nevada School of Medicine, Class of 2013)


Lectures were concise and thorough, and covered just the right level of detail. I especially appreciated how fundamental basic concepts were repeated, reminded, and reinforced throughout lectures in different organ systems. The repetition was not overly redundant, and it was incredibly helpful for my learning. Pathoma’s emphasis on common pathologic patterns and themes helped me feel as if nothing on the Step 1 exam was truly unfamiliar. The inclusion of basic biochemical mechanisms and relevant clinical examples was also *extremely* high-yield, and helped integrate pathology knowledge with pathophysiology reasoning.” (Dan, Washington University School of Medicine)


Pathoma was a fantastic resource for Step 1 study. I love how things are explained from a mechanistic standpoint; it allows you to understand the foundational concepts and then build upon them in the future. My only regret is that I wasn’t aware of this lecture series earlier, I would have loved to use it as a supplement to my course work during the first two years of school. I can honestly say that compared to any other study resource, this course is most responsible for helping me perform well on the Step 1 exam.” (Kellen, University of Colorado, Class of 2015)


I am so glad a friend told me about Pathoma. What an amazing resource with quality videos that explain concepts through well constructed slides (with accompanying textbook) along with board writing that best illustrate diagrams and solidify concepts. I found it to be an excellent accompaniment to USMLE Step 1 studying that incorporated a succinct audiovisual component to bolster other study methods. I even used it when reviewing pathology for my first clinical rotation, just before my subscription expired. I only wish that I had used it throughout second year as a longitudinal resource, and I highly recommend it to other medical students. By far the best value, too, among all resources I employed.” (Hugh, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Class of 2015)


Pathoma is wonderful. I wouldn’t understand pathology half as well without it. Short lectures, lots or repetition and drawings were extremely helpful. Thank you so much.” (Neel, University of Utah School of Medicine, Class of 2016)


Dr. Sattar is an incredible instructor! Got me through Step 1! Now i just wish he did a Step 2 version of this book :)” (Shareez, SGU, Class of 2014)


Pathoma was a wonderful companion to my Step 1 journey. Dr. Sattar’s explanations were concise and to the point, and I still remember many of his mnemonics months after my test. I still actually review some of the Pathoma videos and text for my day-to-day medical studies and really loved Pathoma. It really is worth the $99 tag, especially when compared to other lower quality but higher priced options out there. Thank you guys very much.” (Omar, Jordan University of Science and Technology)


I am an old IMG. I failed step 1 the first time mainly because of pathology. A friend of mine from GWU recommended Pathoma to me. I read the book and listened to the lectures twice and passed step 1 retake. The book is easy to read and to understand. The teaching is great and worth the money. Thanks Pathoma for being so helpful.” (Modibo, George Washington University)


I just wanted to quickly say a big THANK YOU to your program and to Dr. Sattar for his lectures. I struggled mightily during my second year of medical school and just barely scored a percentile in the mid-teens after taking my NBME Pathology Subject Exam. Long story short, I was required to repeat my second year, robbing me of all confidence and hope that I could learn something as complex as pathology. But thanks to Pathoma, I was really able to revamp my study techniques and learn the material well! I am a very visual person, so the method by which Dr. Sattar shortened complex pathology concepts into simple, logical drawings really helped the knowledge stick. I just received my score from taking this year’s Pathology Subject Exam, and I am happy to report I have done much, MUCH better, scoring in the 80th percentile! I’m now excited to see how this will translate into my Step I score! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping toward success, and to fulfilling my dream of practicing medicine. Thank you!” (Ryan, Loma Linda School of Medicine, Class of 2015)


I just wanted to tell you how much Pathoma has transformed my understanding of pathology this year. I hands-down could not have made it through the year without this course/book. I recommend it to everyone I talk to and all of my fellow classmates rave about your program as well. It has truly enhanced my education.” (Chanel, UC Irvine School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I cannot express my words of gratitude towards this product; it is simply amazing. Pathology has always been my favorite subject and Pathoma reminded why exactly it is my favorite. I took my USMLE Step 1 recently and without Pathoma I would have not been able to get as many questions in pathology correct as I did, (I did NOT, repeat NOT, even bother with Rapid Review by Goljan). A whole-hearted thank you from me to everyone at Pathoma for making this product available at such an affordable cost, and especially to Dr. Sattar for putting it together, through his immense amount of time and effort. Pathoma is a life long resource, not just for Step 1. It is invaluable and I will surely be buying all of the updated editions of the Pathoma texts as they become available to keep up with the current information.” (Naeem, Chicago, Class of 2014)


I have used Pathoma all year and have found it to be the most valuable study source I have come across. You have compiled a logical, easy to follow, step by step source that seems to make difficult concepts seem intuitive. I thoroughly enjoyed your personal presentation today and am telling everyone I know at any medical school about the effectiveness of your resource. Once again, thank you very much.” (Shehzad, George Washington University)


I just wanted to thank Dr. Sattar and everyone at Pathoma for a WONDERFUL learning tool at an INCREDIBLE value. I can’t say enough about the quality of Dr. Sattar’s teaching, and about the quality of the whole program. What I wouldn’t give for a microbiology/biochem/pharmacology series from you guys, or for a Step 2 program. Amazing job, keep up the good work and thank you again! I will continue to recommend this product to any medical student I meet.” (Ian, Tulane University School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


This was awesome. Thank you Dr. Sattar! I learned so much and so much now makes sense in my understanding of diseases and their pathophysiology. This is among one of the very best $100.00 expenditures I’ve made on learning support materials since starting medical school. I’m recommending this to every second year student at my school as a “MUST” for proper COMLEX Level I preparation – thank you.” (Walter, WVSOM OMS III)


Just wanted to let you all know that you are doing an AWESOME job! I have absolutely enjoyed studying with Pathoma for both USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Step 1. Love the way the info is broken down and the drawings. Please keep me updated if any other study materials are one the way or any programs for Step 2.” (Isha, VCOM Virginia Campus, Class of 2014)


Simply the best Step 1 tool I used. Helped everything stick, and helped my critical thinking process. Highly recommended.” (Rob, Temple School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I absolutely loved Pathoma! It was a great way of simplifying pathology while incorporating some physiology for all of the major body systems. I would highly recommend this program for anyone in medical school but especially for those studying for Step 1. I used Pathoma as the skeleton for my Step 1 studying then flushed out certain topics with other resources. I really appreciated the simple sketches Dr. Sattar uses that explain pathology in very simple terms.” (Kylie, KUMC, Class of 2014)


Pathoma was great! I used it in each class and during my Step 1 study month. The last read through of Dr. Sattar’s text and my notes in the column was ultra high-yield! I have been recommending Pathoma to everyone so far this year.” (Jeremy, VCU School of Medicine, 2014)


Pathoma is the best Pathology material I ever came across. It is not only good for exam preparation, but also for explaining difficult concepts. I can’t help recommending it to all I know. Thanks to Pathoma, I was able to dramatically improve my Step I scores. It made such a great difference. Thank you Dr. Sattar! “ (Omar, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)


I just wanted to write and thank Dr. Sattar for creating Pathoma. I am in my fourth year at MSU COM and I have used Pathoma to study for COMLEX Step 1 and 2. Dr. Sattar gave a lecture at my school on respiratory when I was a second year student. His book has helped so much. My boyfriend is also a medical student and we often joke that Pathoma is the only book you really need in medical school. Obviously this isn’t entirely accurate, but I feel that if I had purchased Pathoma during my first year of school and used the lectures at that time, I would have done far better in my courses. Dr. Sattar explains so many things that were never made clear to me – now that I know the information he taught, it helps me to understand so many other concepts. I am currently on an ER rotation and while working a night shift, the attending got out review flashcards for the EM boards. I knew at least half of the answers and it felt so amazing to be able to answer questions I would have not known the answers to without Pathoma. Whenever a medical student asks me what book they need for school or what they need for boards I always tell them Pathoma is a must. I also appreciate how affordable the book and lectures were, but I definitely think students would pay more; I can’t put a price on how much this book has helped me. I have gotten countless pimp questions right on rounds thanks to Dr. Sattar. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and amazing teaching style! You make this information so accessible and present it in a way that is not intimidating.” (Sophia, MSU COM, Class of 2013)


Teaching is a skill/art/science, Dr. H has a rare ability to successfully teach pathology to students seeking and desiring (hopefully most students) for the foundation and the subsequent in-depth explanation. The latter is easy, many professors teach this way; however, the former is what sets Pathoma apart from the rest. His simplistic explanations of definitions and mechanisms do not “water down” the truth of what we need to know; rather, it respects the complexity of the science of disease. In doing so, he affords the student an opportunity to gain an understanding of disease as a part of a larger “file cabinet” organization. Specifically, the ability to teach this subject in such a way that it first allows the student to see the large picture by comparing it to other diseases (ordering diseases based upon some common denominator) and then with this in mind, the student is now “set free,” he/she can stop “obsessing” over the quantity of material/disorganization, and start learning the true definition/mechanism and consequences. This of course is structured in such a way to keep in mind that many students use this resource as a primary source for USMLE Step 1 pathology studying. That is, while doing the above, he also successfully maintains a certain pace and high yield discussion of relevant pathology concepts.” (Mike, U.S. Allopathic Medical Student, Class of 2014)


Pathoma was great! Really helped improve my pathology skills for Step. Unlike other resources out there Pathoma is concise and I loved the illustrations Dr. Sattar made to go along with the book. One suggestion…bolding things Dr. Sattar says is really high yield could be helpful or having a high yield section at the end. But overall amazing…thank you!” (Halie, Texas A&M COM, Class of 2014)


Pathoma was one of the most useful resources I used in preparing for Step 1. The lectures were concise and relevant and the text was well put together. I recommend it to everyone who asks me for advice on studying for Step 1.” (Dave, University of Utah, Class of 2014)


Pathoma is a life-saving program. Med school pathology can be hard enough, but when you have an extra-tough teacher who likes to throw curve-balls, it can be downright impossible. Pathoma helped me learn my way to an A, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! And now I have a new career option to consider…pathology. Thank you Pathoma!.” (Elizabeth, Class of 2014)


Absolutely the best $100 spent in my $280K medical education…” (DM, Michigan State University, Class of 2014)


Looking back, this was a must-have for me to study pathology – not just as review, but the first time around in year two. I would watch these lectures before I went to my school’s path lectures, as it helped me understand them better. Dr. Sattar doesn’t waste your time, he hits the important points, makes the most critical connections, and is great for both an introduction to the topic and as an overall review.” (Shiwei, MSU CHM, Class of 2014)


Pretty amazing derivations of principle pathology. I did Pathoma 2 weeks before my step and had several direct questions from the lectures. One I won’t forget related to a blood smear with a clinical vignette and lab values but the blood smear had a WBC with a cerbriform nucleus and sezary syndrome was listed, as was mycosis fungiodes. I scored highest on the hematopoietic section and I attribute that to Dr. Sattar.” (Thomas, ETSU Quillen COM, Class of 2014)


Thanks for a great product, the simple descriptions and drawings made difficult concepts easy to grasp and then remember.” (Kevin, Dartmouth Medical School, Class of 2014)


This was definitely money well spent. I used the lectures throughout my second year to study for exams and made the videos my first step in pathology review for the boards. I ended up doing very well on the USMLE and think that this course played a role in that. Thanks for offering such a great service at an affordable rate.” (Joe, The Ohio State University, Class of 2014)


Pathoma is an excellent resource for any second-year medical student: not only is the book organized well, but the material is condensed into a high-yield and easy-to-understand format that makes it possible to re-read entire sections of pathology in only a few minutes. I can honestly say I would not have done as well on Step I were it not for Pathoma.” (Walter, Tulane University, Class of 2014)


I have never written a testimonial, but I felt as though this was a must. Before I knew about Pathoma, I remember spending hours and hours trying to learn the vasculitides from a reputable textbook — only to have forgotten most by month’s end. After spending a few hours studying and listening to Dr. Sattar’s lecture on Vascular pathology, almost half a year later, I still remember the 3 C’s of WeCner’s (Wegner’s Granulomatosis) very clearly. The way he helps the student to easily digest some of these more traditionally elusive concepts is absolutely genius. Five months prior to my USMLE, I never would have thought it possible for me to even break the 240 mark based on my understanding of medical sciences (mainly pathology) at the time. I ended up scoring a great deal above that — a dream score actually — and I attribute much of that success to Dr. Sattar’s course. Oh, and he helped me score in a top percentile on COMLEX as well. The amount of appreciation I have for Dr. Sattar whenever I tell people that I will definitely not be limited in my choice of residency based on my board scores, is immense. He took me from a pathology-ZERO to a pathology-HERO in no time at all with his lectures. I highly, highly recommend this course to anybody who is reading this and to every medical student I meet” (Andrew, Philadelphia College of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge (and renewed passion for studying). Everything is so clear and concise (and enjoyable)! Using Pathoma improved my Pathology grades from failing to consistent A’s on every exam!” (Sandy, University of Tennessee Health and Science Center Medical School, Class of 2015)


I went thru all of the Pathoma book, taking notes with each video lecture. I thought it gave me an excellent background and understanding. Afterwards I would review the same First Aid section and found in most cases I comprehended and retained a great deal from Pathoma that was covered in a very surface way in First Aid. Most of the path I got right on COMLEX came from Pathoma. First Aid was a good supplement for the path and some of infectious or normal functioning of the systems. I advised all the upcoming second year students to buy it at the beginning of the year and study it along with their systems and advised the school to purchase it for the students.” (Katherine, West Virginia School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


Pathoma was an amazing tool. I had a wonderful pathology teacher, but using Pathoma helped solidify the important information and helped me make connections that I had never made. Dr. Sattar has a real gift of clearly explaining complicated disease processes. Thanks for all of the help, Pathoma!” (Racquel, KCUMB College of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I absolutely loved Pathoma. Could not have prepped for board exams with anything better, and I wish I would have had this resource during my first two years of med school. The pathology is tied in so well with succinct reviews of physiology, anatomy, immunology, etc….connecting the dots. I like the layout, the impromptu drawings, the ability to choose the speed. Thank you for a wonderful resource that isn’t exorbitantly priced.” (Sally, Touro University College of Medicine, Class of 2014)


Pathoma made pathology makes sense to me. Dr. Sattar knows how to simplify the important concepts and make sure we understand the big picture. I used it during school and went through it cover-to-cover days before Step 1. I still refer back to some topics as a 3rd year to keep the info fresh. Can’t thank him enough.” (Student, George Washington University School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


Dr. Sattar came and gave a guest lecture my first year of medical school and offered a discounted subscription to Pathoma, so I thought I would give it a try. I used it a few times through my coursework in the following year and a half, but I found it invaluable during my board prep schedule. Dr. Sattar provides a very concise but thorough review of pathology that is a perfect match for board examinations. I did refer to Goljan for review of some more basic pathophysiology concepts, but Pathoma covered all the important diseases that you need to know. I was very pleased with my resulting Step 1 score and would have gladly paid much more for this subscription!” (Melissa, University of Kansas Medical Center, Class of 2014)


Thank you so much for sharing your teachings with us – you make pathology easier to learn and understand with your explanations and simple concepts! My only regret is that I didn’t know about this resource sooner so that I could have used it for the entire school year! Having a great foundation in pathology is so important for 2nd year and studying for Step 1, and I can’t thank you enough for not only teaching me pathology but also for setting this service at a good student-friendly price point. I will recommend this to all incoming 2nd year students!” (Anna, Touro University – Nevada, OMS III)


Pathoma was the single best resource I used for studying in med school. Dr. Sattar is a genius and is amazing at explaining pathology in an accessible way. I have recommended Pathoma to everyone I know. Thank you for an awesome service!” (Student, Temple School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


Using Pathoma to study for Step 1 was the best decision I made. All of the lectures were clear and understandable and it was a great mix of pathology, histology, physiology, pathophysiology, and even some high yield pharmacology. Topics that I struggled with all year were made incredibly clear by Dr. Sattar. My only regret is not buying Pathoma earlier in med school. I scored more than one standard deviation above the national average and I attribute that to using Pathoma. Thanks!” (Student, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I’ve finished Step 1 and I’m writing to tell you how amazing you all are. I first subscribed before M2 year and word quickly spread around my school that this was a must-have resource. My grades reflected a clear understanding with our in-house exams and most of my classmates picked it up in time for Heme/Onc. The 8 playback limit is plenty and I’m sure you receive very few requests to reset the limit for your customers. I had plenty of opportunity to listen to playback at all speeds and multiple times throughout the year. Certainly Dr. Sattar has a huge following at my school and subsequent classes are already eager to try it. It was amazing to be one of the first to try Pathoma, but I regret not being able to see the other great features that will launch in the coming years. Dr. Sattar lays down a foundation that clearly organizes pathology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, and embryology. Great job!” (Eric, Virginia Commonwealth University SOM, Class of 2015)


You truly have a gift of teaching. You break complicated subjects into digestible material! I recommend your course to anyone and everyone I can. You turned me from HATING cancer to having an actual interest. The majority of your lectures actually blow my mind.” (Jonathan, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2014)


This is the pathology review course that students dream about. You won’t be able to find anything else (even First Aid) that is as clear, concise, high yield, and informative as Pathoma. Concepts (even biochemistry) that I’ve struggled to understand were finally made clear. Pathoma makes connections and explanations that are often left out of the classroom, but essential to understanding, and more importantly remembering, pathology. It actually makes learning enjoyable…instead of being forced to memorize “random” details. I couldn’t be more thankful for such a great course. It significantly helped my grades in school and I hope students take advantage of it!” (Elizabeth, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Class of 2014)


Loved Pathoma! I used it during 2nd year and while studying for the Step 1, and I found it helped me tremendously for both. The book and the videos were concise and full of high yield facts but still laid out in a very comprehensive manner. The only reason I understood hematology pathology was because of Pathoma. It was such a great resource and was actually reasonably priced. I would love to see more review sources from the same author in the future.” (St. George’s School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


Dr. Sattar, as I am sure you have already heard a million and one times, thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I have just taken my exam yesterday and could honestly say I have never been more prepared. Regardless of my score, I want to emphasize the joy I had in learning medicine through your teaching style. Your focus on the big picture kept me engaged throughout your lecture series. With a strong foundation in pathology, I cannot wait to apply my knowledge in rotation in my third year. You have been truly blessed with such a gift.” (Roshan, Virginia Commonwealth University SOM, Class of 2014)


I simply cannot state how thankful I am to you all! Dr. Sattar, simply said….amazing professor! You incorporate so many learning styles into your material making it easy to understand, retain, and remember all important concepts. Not only is your material extremely high yield for boards but it helped me in clinicals as well. Plus, the material is very well organized and presented in a reasonable time frame. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SIMPLIFYING EVERYTHING!” (Marium, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine)


I am a rising MS3 and I wanted to write to thank you for creating the Pathoma program. It is by far the absolute best presentation of pathology I have come across in comparison to many different programs I have sampled. You have made an incredibly difficult subject much easier for me, and I sincerely wanted to thank you. I know for a fact that Pathoma is the go-to resource for pathology for the majority of students in my class. So again, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to effective education. If I end up in Chicago for whatever residency I pursue, I hope to meet you and shake your hand.” (Chris, University of Louisville School of Medicine)


You’re lecture series is amazing. It may be one of the best purchases I’ve made towards studying for my boards. Unfortunately I heard about it only a month before my exam so its more like a crash course for me right now, but I feel like I am finally understanding concepts that have laid my understanding of not just pathology but medicine. Thank you so much for your dedication to teaching.” (Daphney, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine)


I wanted to thank you for your amazing book with amazing explanations of a lot more than just pathology. I just took my USMLE Step 1 examination and your material covered more than half of the exam.” (Moussa, Medical University of the Americas)


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Pathoma is an excellent pathology resource that is truly the only thing in addition to First Aid that you need to excel on Step 1. Purchasing Pathoma includes a series of streamed lectures and a concise yet comprehensive pathology textbook entitled, “Fundamentals of Pathology.” Dr. Sattar is a phenomenal teacher. He explains high yield concepts exceptionally well and constantly provides his viewers with Step 1 facts. If I were you, I would stream all of his lectures that correspond to whatever pathophys unit you’re covering throughout the rest of the year.” (Dan, Wayne State University)


I have to tell you that your work with Pathoma has completely changed the way I study and has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in mastering pathology. I think you’re a genius because of the way you organize everything. It makes it a lot easier to remember than most class notes. You organize it in a way it is meant to be learned as opposed to how a pathologist would go about presenting it. As soon as I purchased it, I got all my friends to purchase it because of how incredibly easy learning all this material is. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made preparing for Step 1 that much easier for me.” (Shareez, St. George’s School of Medicine)


I cannot express my words of gratitude towards this product; it is simply amazing. Pathology has always been my favorite subject and Pathoma reminded why exactly it is my favorite. I took my USMLE Step 1 recently and without Pathoma I would have not been able to get as many questions in pathology correct as I did, (I did NOT, repeat NOT, even bother with rapid review by Goljan). A whole-hearted thank you from me to everyone at Pathoma for making this product available at such an affordable cost, and especially to Dr. Sattar for putting it together, through his immense amount of time and effort. Pathoma is a life long resource, not just for Step 1; it is invaluable.” (Naeem, Windsor University School of Medicine)


I wanted to let you know that I recently received my Step 1 score and I scored a 261, with a star rating in the pathology section. Your course was a key factor to my success. Thank you for your time in developing this course. I will continue to recommend your course to other students at my institution, not only for enhancing one’s performance on Step 1 but to reinforce one’s understanding of basic pathology.” (Student, Medical University of the Americas, Class of 2014)


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Thank you so much! It’s my main method of learning now – better organized and presented than class lectures, and less daunting than Robbins. And I’ve converted at least 3 people in our class to Pathoma followers!” (Xin, Yale School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I just wanted to say one word “Wow!” Dr. Sattar is fantastic at explaining Pathology. I had my doubts but I ordered the book anyway and I just finished the female repro chapter. I used to use goljian and rapid review but there is just so much in his 600+ page book. Having 200+ pages is way more manageable. I am glad I took the plunge!” (Areg, Univ. of California, San Diego, Class of 2014)


I just wanted to thank Dr. Sattar for writing Fundamentals of Pathology. The book is perfect for the boards and learning pathology during the school year. I felt that I knew every pathology question on my step 1, thanks to Pathoma™. I can’t recommend this book enough. Even on the wards now in 3rd year, I can remember concepts from Dr. Sattar’s lectures.” (Kasim, University of Illinois at Chicago COM, Class of 2013)


Dr. Sattar’s course was a godsend. The man is a gifted teacher…The little money I paid for this program was well worth it, in fact having viewed the content, I would have easily paid several fold over. I wanted to thank Dr. Sattar, and hope that you will forward my e-mail to him.” (Marlon, Albany Medical College, Class of 2014)


I have been using Pathoma™ since the start of my M2 year and I know it has made a noticeable difference in all of my classes, however now that we are in the Heme/Onc block, your lectures and book have become invaluable to my classmates and me. It is obvious in small group problem sessions who has listened and learned from your lectures as we all think along the same lines toward solving a problem, and we blow our professors away with our knowledge of abnormal histology and pathology processes. I think I have convinced numerous people in my class to start using Pathoma™ and every single person has come up to me raving about how it has changed their entire perspective on Pathology. It is exciting for me to listen to someone lecture who clearly has a passion for not only medicine, but also teaching. Your explanations are elegant, concise, and so easily conceptualized that it cuts my study time down. I then have a much better understanding that allows me the time and opportunity to expand my knowledge base by looking further into the details provided by my own lecturers here at VCU. Thank you for allowing those of us not at University of Chicago to enjoy and utilize your lectures and text. It has truly made a difference in our studies and understanding of the material. YOU ARE THE BEST!” (Kara, Virginia Commonwealth University SOM, Class of 2014)


Your book/videos made my final week of studying efficient and high yield. I can honestly say (after having taken the test), this was by far the best resource I used. Everyone at my school is loving this! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” (Dallas, University of Utah)


I wanted to take a moment and let you know how wonderful your program was. With it and first aid as my main texts, I scored a 244, without having done any prep work before May 22 (I took my exam June 22). I can’t say enough…from the moment you finished your guest talk at our school, I knew I had discovered something special. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” (Student, Wayne State University)


I have gone through the text page-by-page after my exam, and I can confidently say that the answers to 90-95% of the Pathology questions on my exam can be found in your book. For my exam the material in the book was right on target for the pathology questions, and your book/videos won me points that I otherwise would have missed using just First Aid and a Qbank. The 5-10% of pathology that wasn’t in your book was relatively more obscure material that I don’t remember coming across in any other resource throughout 2nd year. Furthermore, I had read most of another pathology review probably 3-4 times cover-to-cover throughout the year (as well as listened to audio lectures), and I remember thinking immediately after the exam that there wasn’t a single question on my exam that I would have found in that book that was not in your book as far as the pathology goes. So in my experience, your book was sufficient for the pathology and I found it to be the single greatest resource in tackling the pathology questions on my exam (Pathology probably made up about 50-60% of my exam).” (Zeeshaan, WSCOM, Class of 2013)


Dr. Sattar is unbelievable. These are the best videos I’ve seen for Path and have really helped explain my notes in a language I can understand. Thank you so much, I really can’t find the proper words to truly express my gratitude – the money it cost me is no where near the value of his method of teaching. I’ve always been a B student nd the few chapters I’ve eaten through already have shown a tremendous improvement in my Q-banks scores.” (Raminder, Xavier University School of Medicine)


I wanted to write to you today to say thank you for your excellent Fundamentals of Pathology review course. After finding many other resources to be overwhelming, I used your book/website extensively to review for my Step 1 exam. I found your emphasis on understanding rather than memorization to be extremely helpful, which I believe played a major role in the score I received today. Your students at UChicago are lucky to have such a talented and insightful instructor.” (Patrick, Feinberg School of Medicine, Class of 2014)


I just wanted to thank you for your hard work over this past year. Pathoma™ was one of my keystone resources, and I’ve honestly learned so much medicine from you.” (Abhishek, MSU Class of 2013)


After using your product for the past month I am truly convinced that this is the strongest review product for pathology out there. I actually believe that it is much more than a pathology review as well. I usually don’t promote a product or get very passionate about a product but I have to say I am absolutely convinced that this is how medicine and board reviews should be taught.” (Joe, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine)


I’m using the summer to prepare for my 1st year of medical school. I’ve read your book “Fundamentals of Pathology” and today was my 1st session using the online lectures, I LOVED IT!!! I just wanted to personally Thank You for putting together the detailed/comprehensive text and online lectures together so well!” (Matthew, DeBusk’s College of Osteopathic Medicine)


You came to our school (KCUMB) a few weeks ago and gave us an excellent presentation on repro. Thank you so much, our class average for the path final was…the highest it has ever been at our school! I bought your book/online lectures and though I’ve only been doing them for a couple days, they are RIDICULOUSLY helpful. I was doing them concurrently with other audio lectures and I find yours far more helpful (and to the point). I wanted to thank you for putting this together for students. Several students have also conveyed the feeling of understanding Path for the first time.” (Whitney, KCUMB)


I wanted to let you know, despite my bias that I already had for your methodical ways of teaching, that I truly feel your teaching process is superior to any course I have taken in my 6 years of medical education.” (Mussop, MSU-COM)


Dr. Sattar, you have put together an amazing product. I purchased your product after you visited my school (MSUCOM) this year and have found it an invaluable resource… I have had so many “ah ha” moments listening to your lectures. I wish you could have been an instructor during my first two years. Better late than never I guess.” (Todd, MSUCOM OMS 2)


First off I would like to thank Dr. Sattar for this AMAZING resource. Our entire pathology class at SGU has been buzzing about it.” (Emy, SGU)


By the way, your videos are as good as gold!” (Bradley, SGU)


Having been through all the video lectures at this point, I’m considering moving my test date up because of how confident I feel after Dr. Sattar’s lectures. Thank you again for the material, my only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner!” (Alexander, Wayne State University, Class of 2013)


I just wanted to say the book is an awesome read! Especially since I am few weeks out from Boards, it really brings everything together.” (Aziz)


He presented the material on White Blood Cell Disorders in a clear and organized manner, while at the same time keeping my attention focused for the entirety of the lecture. He emphasized the high yield material in addition to going beyond what is commonly memorized during board reviews. He is up to date to what the examiners are testing now and emphasizes how to avoid common mistakes on the exam, what he calls ‘knee jerk questions.'” (Student, Midwestern University)


WOW! That was the best 2 hours of my academic career. Amazingly high yield, well spoken, clearly explained. Exactly what I was looking for in a board review.” (Sam, MSU-COM)


I just wanted to say your video’s are incredible. With your reviews I learn 10 times the information with 1/10 the memorization. The sketches you draw on your slides are extremely helpful.” (Cornelius, KCUMB)